Maxim’s Sparkling Drinks

For an alcohol-free party, discover our surprising and sparkling drinks with intense bubbles, made with 100% natural fruits. These juices owe their delicate flavours to carefully harvested and sorted French fruits. Maxim’s is committed, day after day, to favour French ingredients with the best taste qualities. It is for this reason that we travel throughout our regions in search of quality ingredients with exceptional flavours and aromas. Don’t wait any longer and taste our sparkling Maxim’s fruit bubbles.

A sweet & sparkling party

All occasions are good enough to join or organize a party. It is since this observation that we have developed a range of alcohol-free products.

Available as a lemon or apple fizzy drink, our fruit bubbles are thirst-quenching and full of flavour. Our fruit bubbles can easily be combined with other products from our sweet range. Served chilled, these tasty, sun-kissed products can also find a place for a snack or a picnic on the go.

Fine and delicate presentation

Adorned with the famous Maxim’s red, our sparkling lemon & apple drinks are displayed in chic and elegant bottles. Integrated in our range of delicatessen products, we wanted to meet the needs of those looking to celebrate without alcohol.

Fine 20cl of sun-kissed product, dressed as champagnes that will brighten up your table at lunch. Very affordable, Maxim’s refinement is also available in our alcohol-free selection for the pleasure of as many as possible.