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The pure emotion of a Grand Cru chocolate by Maxim’s

Maxim's offers you refined and intense chocolate creations. The combination of the strength and subtlety of the cocoa used in our chocolates creates a chocolate with character. Emotions and mouth-watering pleasures guaranteed! With every bite, our chocolate assortments transport you to a world of unparalleled pleasures. Discover a fine selection of dark, white and milk chocolates, creamy ganaches, crunchy pralines, melting palets, crunchy rochers and tasty gianduja.

Discover our selection of chocolate assortments made from high-quality cocoa...

A commitment to unrivalled quality

Our approach is resolutely focused on the pursuit of quality. Each of our chocolate boxes is carefully composed of the finest products, selected with the utmost care by France's finest craftsmen and dedicated artisans. Our commitment to excellence leads us to use only pure cocoa butter chocolate, with no palm oil added. At Maxim's, each chocolate assortment embodies our relentless quest for quality and purity with exceptional products.

An assortment of chocolates to offer

Maxim's de Paris chocolate ballotins will delight even the most discerning gourmet. The delicacy of the chocolate combined with the strength of the cocoa beans will fill you with gourmandise. The sublime boxes that accompany the chocolates will delight you with their chic, elegant design. True representations of French art de vivre, these boxes of chocolates with their art nouveau decorations will take you back to the Paris of the Roaring Twenties. Fans of drawings by the famous caricaturist SEM will find faithful representations of Maxim's restaurant and the lively evenings that used to take place there on some of the chocolate boxes. So don't hesitate any longer, and get a taste of Maxim's world!

The perfect gift idea

A historic gift, everyone smiles when they open a delicious box of chocolates. It's a universal gift appreciated by all. Presented in elegant metal boxes or caskets, assorted chocolates are always well received, and at any time of day. The refined, meticulous presentation of our gift boxes will transform your classic chocolate box into an elegant, gourmet gift. Maxim's red, typically Parisian decor and quality craftsmanship are the hallmarks of our gift boxes.

A range for every occasion

A Maxim's chocolate box means discovering the world of the famous restaurant right from the lid, even before you put it in your mouth. Accessible and stylish, our range of chocolates, presented in their finest packaging, is the guarantee of a successful gift. The chocolate assortments collection evolves throughout the year, with limited editions for unmissable annual celebrations such as Easter, Valentine's Day or Christmas. For these occasions, our products are adorned with their most beautiful design for a delicious and successful celebration. It's a chance to give pleasure all year round, with a wide range that's constantly renewed. Not satisfied with just one box? Search for the perfect gift basket in our selection of chocolate gift sets. Whether you're looking for a wide assortment or a duo of chocolates for an original table decoration, our selection is adapted to your needs, your desires and your budget.

Shipped and delivered in the best conditions, our chocolate assortments retain all their delicacy and flavour, from the moment they are made to the moment they are enjoyed in your home. At Maxim's, we are proud to perpetuate a tradition of pleasure, and our chocolate assortments are the quintessence of this tradition. Immerse yourself in our gourmet universe and discover the pure emotion of a Maxim's Grand Cru chocolate.