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Give in to our generous and exquisite delicacies!

Crunchy and light as you want it to be, come and meet our timeless chocolate-covered lace crepes, a pleasure you never get tired of.

Be tempted by our “Petits Beurres”, “Petits Beurres” with Guérande salt, with caramel chips or fall for our tasty speculoos flavoured biscuits coated with milk chocolate. Your taste buds will thank you.

Taste our best “Made in France” specialities, from Fruit Jellys of Auvergne to Salted-Flower Caramels of Normandy or from Calissons of Provence to Nougats of Montélimar, find all the childhood flavours in Maxim’s sweet delicatessen.

A careful, delicate and relevant presentation

Opening a box of Maxim’s biscuits is opening a box of sweets, no need to arrange all the biscuits on a plate or a dish, our products are directly ready to be tasted. Assortment of fine biscuits, “Petits Beurres” or speculoos, find the essentials of your childhood at Maxim’s.

Individual product, pouch, metal box or metal tube, we always compete in creativity to create the surprise with our packaging when serving these delicious fine products.

Classic or modern flavours, our dry or chocolate-coated biscuits are the perfect companions for a successful end of meal or a gourmet family snack.

Sweet specialities from the French terroir

The boxed set of 32 French specialities is undoubtedly one of the flagship products of our sweet range. Nougat, calissons, caramels or fruit jellies, there is something for every taste.

You will also find these products in individual cases elegantly decorated in the colours of the famous Parisian restaurant.

Candied chestnuts, a complex product for its manufacture is the must-have of the end of the year. Refinement and strength are at the rendezvous of this exceptional product.

Maxim’s has always been noticed at all times and this is why the products perpetuate this tradition, the classic plain calissons are associated with raspberry ones for a journey through delicacies ages. Fruit jellies are made with pear and cherry, displayed in an elegant Maxim’s case.

Not to mention the unavoidable lace crepes. A fine, delicate and crunchy biscuit, we are talking about a flagship product of the French biscuit range. Available in milk and dark chocolate, the crepes are a must for your coffee and tea breaks. If you don’t choose between the sweetness of milk chocolate and the strength of dark chocolate, you’ll love the metal box with 24 lace crepes combining the two variations of this delicious biscuit.

Why not go even further and dare the novelty: the surprising chocolate caramel flutes? Presented in a magnificent tube in Maxim’s red colours and illustrated with a drawing by SEM, these first-class chocolate delicacies will surprise and conquer you.