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Discover our wide selection of must-have chocolate gift-boxes

For any occasion, especially Christmas, chocolate is the undisputed star of gourmet gifts. At Maxim's, we have carefully selected a diverse range of chocolate gift sets, specially designed to satisfy the most demanding palates. Whether you're a fan of intense dark chocolate, a fan of smooth milk chocolate, or a lover of delicate white chocolate, our gift boxes offer a variety of flavours to suit every taste.

Discover a selection of gift boxes in different sizes and for all budgets. Presented in packaging that reflects the chocolate flavours it contains, the chocolate gift box promises an unforgettable memory. A generous, timeless gift that satisfies everyone's sweet tooth: men and women, young and old, chocolate gift sets guarantee a moment of sharing and pleasure.

A wide range for all chocolate lovers

Our collection encompasses an impressive range of chocolates: from exceptional bars to refined assortments of pralines and pure cocoa butter truffles. Whether you dream of biting into a square of 100% dark chocolate or savouring the sweet comfort of a milk chocolate bar, our boxes are sure to satisfy your taste buds. They are designed to be accessible to all budgets, with a variety of choices to help you find the perfect chocolate gift.

Elegant boxes for a memorable gift

Each of our boxes is carefully presented in tastefully crafted packaging. Whether you choose an elegant metal box, a haute couture-style case, or a cardboard box in the iconic colours of the Parisian restaurant, our packaging adds a touch of elegance to your gift. Beyond the box, you'll also be able to enjoy unique products with distinctive presentations. From the ballotin to the metal pen box, each Maxim's product is designed to create an unforgettable souvenir.

High quality chocolates

At Maxim's, quality is our watchword. All our chocolates are pure cocoa butter, palm oil free and made in France. Maxim's relies on the know-how of a chocolate maker with over 140 years of experience. We choose our ingredients with the utmost care to guarantee exceptional quality. Our boxes offer an assortment of prestige chocolates that are a tribute to Parisian elegance and the French art of living.

From the essential crêpe dentelle to the creaminess of pure cocoa butter truffles, from the finesse of chocolate pearls to the melt-in-your-mouth chocolate praline feuilletine hearts, a whole selection of original chocolate products are brought together here in gourmet gift boxes.

A chocolate gift for every occasion

Our wide range of compositions means you'll find something to suit every occasion! Whether it's Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a birthday, Christmas, or even a simple desire to please, chocolate gift packs are the guarantee of moments of sharing and pleasure. Whether you enjoy them on your own or in the company of friends and family, they will add a touch of deliciousness and conviviality to all your moments of relaxation.

A wide choice to suit all tastes and budgets

At Maxim's, we understand that every chocolate lover has unique preferences. That's why our range of gift boxes includes a wide variety of flavours: from the sweetness of milk chocolate to the intense pleasure of dark chocolate. For example, we offer compositions based on products with a thin coating for a subtle tasting experience, others based on chocolate squares and bars for purists looking for a 100% chocolate experience, or even assortments based on the various chocolate variations available at Maxim's: chocolate spread, caramel chocolate balls, coated hazelnuts and almonds, etc. Our selection evolves throughout the year to offer you ever more varied choices.

Accompaniments to bring out the best in chocolate

Chocolate is not only a pleasure in itself, it also goes perfectly with other sweet delights. To complete your chocolate experience, you can accompany your boxes with delicious jams, biscuits and confectionery or a comforting cup of tea. This will add an extra dimension to your tasting experience and appeal to lovers of good food.

Find your perfect chocolate box

Our wide range of prices means there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a gourmet treat for yourself, a gift basket to share at a meal or a gift to please your friends and family. Our chocolate gift sets are the guarantee of a gourmet, quality gift, a tribute to the French art of living, and an invitation to explore the pleasures of cocoa.

Whether you choose a box of intense dark chocolates, a bar of creamy milk chocolate, or an assortment of pralines and truffles, Maxim's is there to help you find the perfect chocolate box. Make every moment a special occasion with our chocolate gifts, and immerse yourself in a world of incomparable flavours.