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Inescapable chocolate gift-boxes

Welcome chocolate lovers, we have designed for you a wide range of gift-baskets, of different shapes, sizes, prices, accessible to all. Displayed in a packaging that reflects chocolate flavours it contains; our chocolate gift box promises an unforgettable memory.

Dark, milk or white chocolate; to taste, spreadable or drinkable, there is something for every palate. Chocolate gift-boxes are the guarantee of pleasure and even a shared pleasure, answering every expectations and gourmet cravings. A timeless and trendy present.

Chocolate on every occasions

Valentines’ Day, Ester, Christmas, Mother & Father’s Day, birthday or a simple willingness to please, there is always a good reason for offering chocolate. With products to be enjoyed alone or to share during a coffee, our gourmet boxes will meet every expectation.

From the unavoidable lace crepes to the unctuosity of pure cocoa butter French truffles, detouring through chocolate pearls finesse or again the candy-coated chocolate hearts crunchiness, discover these delicacies within a gourmet box, evoking the Parisian elegance and French art of living.

Our chocolate box: A quality gourmet gift

Maxim’s house can count on a chocolate maker, with more than 140 years of history in the sector. Our chocolates are made in France in the greatest standards with carefully selected high-end raw materials, pure cocoa butter and palm oil free.

Assembled with the utmost care, chocolate gift-boxes would be a beautiful present for any gourmet or new tastes lovers. Lacking gift ideas? Choose chocolatey delicacy.

A huge variety of presentations and tastes

There are thousands of different chocolates, we have selected, thanks to our experience and that of our craftsmen, some of the most outstanding products.

Dark, milk or white chocolate, slight coating or 100% chocolate squares, we offer a large choice of sweet and gourmet products.

Creation doesn’t stop there, it continues in our compositions. In order to answer every need, we are declining some gift-boxes in mini-products.

Tins, high fashion style pouches or cardboard case in the colours of the Parisian restaurant, choice is large and is evolving throughout the year. But chocolate cannot be sublimated without being accompanied. Preserves, nougats or caramels would know how to give a sweet touch to the most intense and darkest chocolate.

The range of prices is wide to seduce you whether it is to offer you a gourmet moment or simply to please your loved ones and guests.