Easter Collection

Easter 2021 at Maxim's

Mixing know-how with creativity, tastefulness with eating quality, Maxim’s flavours will once again amaze you. Whether you are looking for simple and traditional pleasures or in search of original Easter celebrations, you are bound to find your happiness at Maxim’s.

Black Easter: Our intense dark chocolate recipes will captivate the palates of connoisseurs of this inimitable chocolate, whether as treats, as eggs or in a box.

Milky Easter: The sweeter-minded will be eager to discover our recipes for milk chocolate, the sweetest of chocolates.

A different Easter: Chocolate balls flavoured with a hint of Amaretto, the famous Italian almond liqueur, or filled with a heart of salted flower caramel, as many original recipes to discover to have a different kind of Easter.

Discover now our Easter selection for successful celebrations.

The more eggs, the merrier

In keeping with the Easter tradition, we offer you to discover our praline egg sachets, palm oil free and pure cocoa butter, which your children will be delighted to discover in your house or garden during an egg hunt. However, as we believe that grown children also have the right to participate, please hide Maxim’s eggs in the office. At the end of the day, reward whoever gets their hands on the most chocolates with one of our gift boxes and mark the Easter holiday event with joy, smiles and Maxim’s “Art de vivre”.

Luxurious and original Easter

You are exceptional, you deserve an original Easter celebration. Inspired by centuries of tradition, we have redesigned Maxim’s egg. It is the perfect addition to a festive table decoration. After wowing your guests during the meal by their brightness, you will be delighted to share a moment of sweetness by tasting the delicacies hidden under its shell; milk chocolate or dark chocolate Dark Easter Egg or Red Egg, the choice is yours. Our tin eggs aren’t the only ones to have adorned themselves with their best Easter outfits. Our assortments and boxes of chocolate marked “limited-edition” have a limited-edition packaging or sheath, specially designed for Easter.

Cause it’s not just chocolates at Easter

Since some people prefer savoury to chocolate delicacies, it is important to be able to satisfy all desires for this feast for gourmets. Take the opportunity to offer one of our gift-boxes, around wine, for him or for her, discover now our boxes.

Order your Easter chocolates online and in all safety

Buy and have your 2020 Maxim’s Easter chocolates delivered with confidence. Our chocolates, gift boxes, bottles etc… are always the object of the greatest care. Quality control, refrigerated transport, shockproof packaging; from their production to their dispatch, we make sure that you too can enjoy the French art of living.

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