For Him

Gastronomic Gift for a man

You don’t run out of gift-ideas for your loved ones… except for him? It is well-know that the quest for the ideal gift for a man is a real brainteaser. Forget about ties, t-shirts, socks or any other traditional man-oriented gift and give way to elegance and gourmet pleasures: Maxim’s de Paris has designed a selection of various gift-baskets for man, the promise of an unforgettable memory.

A gift for him and all men, for all occasions

Picking among Maxim’s de Paris gift-baskets, it’s finding a gift depending on your budget that will be to monsieur’s liking. Whether he is your father, your brother, a cousin, a friend, a neighbour or the man of your life; there is a box for him. There are plenty of opportunities to pamper him: birthday, Valentines’ day, Father’s Day, Christmas… Choose wisely the box that will give him the expected message. Our gourmet gift-boxes are also the perfect allies for a successful romantic evening.

A gift-box to the gentleman’s taste

Your receiver is a fan of gourmet and refined products, he likes elegance good things and discovering new flavours? Maxim’s de Paris gift-sets offer him made in France products with the highest standards and the best of French delicatessen. Sir is a wine lover? Our boxes are composed of wines from the best French vineyards, which he will enjoy tasting in all circumstances. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, select the perfect gift according to his desires: savoury, sweet, or mixed, you will find the perfect gift that will delight him.

Offering a Maxim’s gift set to a man is to offer him a gourmet, refined and elegant gustatory journey, a real nod to the French art of living!

Savoury, Sweet, gourmet at all times

Our team has selected the men’s boxes for you. A real alternative to the classic boxes that every man has already received, our gourmet boxes with or without wines and chocolates are sure to please. Fine and refined products are available to please mister but who knows, maybe there will be some left for you?

Is the selection too narrow? Then take a look at our complete range of chocolate assortments or accessories. Monsieur is a wine or champagne lover? Visit our cellar and browse through our collection in search of the ideal gift for him.

The gift card remains a good option to please the gentleman who will come to choose gourmet creations in all discretion. The gift-card can be used on our online store or in our physical shops. It is also a wink for a future sweet gift idea for you.