Mother's day Selection

A sweet moment of sharing and tenderness

Because there is no better way to show your love than with a box filled with delicious milk, dark, white or praline chocolates or a heart-shaped box, tell her with one of our boxes.

Also because the best products deserve the best boxes, Maxim's products packaging is at the heart of all our attention. Wishing to offer an exceptional moment, whether it is a visual or gustatory examination, our hat boxes are refined and generous, able to adapt to all desires and tastes, you will certainly find the right gift for Mother's Day.

Gift boxes filled with delicacies

Whether you choose one of our gift boxes, one of our trendy kits or an inimitable heart box filled with chocolates, the assortments of these products will satisfy the largest number of moms.

A true nod to haute couture, Maxim's pouches are the reflection of French elegance and will please in all circumstances. Moreover, the kits can be used again to hide your future delicacies.

Chocolates selected with care to seduce you

Montélimar nougats, milk chocolate squares or chocolate pearls, find refined products for all tastes. Indulge at any time and especially on Mother's Day with products that resemble her.

Mother's Day with milk chocolate, Mother's Day with dark chocolate, praline, white, gianduja, there's so many ways to please her.

Maxim's chocolates are the elegant touch you didn't knew you needed for a successful Mother's Day.

Looking for new flavours? If you haven't found what you're looking for in our Mother's Day selection, we invite you to discover our savoury grocery store.

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