Whole Duck Foie Gras with Pink Salt and Red Pepper - 90g

Elaborated and made in France, this Maxim's whole foie gras is prepared from a single duck liver. It is considered as the noblest foie gras. Its pronounced taste, its firm texture and its delicacy make it a prestigious dish for the greatest tables.

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A classic for festive meals

Discover the pleasure of tasting a block of Maxim's duck foie gras. To accompany your festive meals or your dinners with friends, Maxim's duck foie gras will be perfect to serve as an aperitif or starter.

Made in the respect of the French terroir, our foie gras comes from the Périgord region.

To accompany your duck foie gras, what better than a Maxim's sweet white wine?

To accompany your aperitif, opt for "Petits Beurre" Aperitif Crackers with French Truffle. A 100% local aperitif !

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7,4 cms
9,5 cms
9,5 cms
3,17 oz
May contain traces of sulphites.
Serving size 100 g :
Energy : 2247 Kj - 543 Kcal, Fat : 55.6 g, of which saturates : 20.3 g, Carbohydrate : 2.4 g, Of which sugars : 1.1 g, Protein : 8 g, Salt : 1.3 g.

duck liver,  salt,  pepper,

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