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Carefully selected ingredients for high quality products

Discover our prestigious selection of teas, with carefully selected leaves that offer you a palette of subtle and original flavours. The combination of the best origins, natural aromas and fruit essence are the secrets of our gourmet scents. It is thanks to the experience and know-how of our experts that we are able to offer you finely elaborated and high-quality blends, such as our famous “Maxim’s” blend with delicate citrus notes, our “Belle Époque” infusion composed of mallow, orange, rose and red fruit flowers or our green mint tea. An infinite variety of blends with inimitable fragrances.

Let yourself also be tempted by our famous “Maxim’s café”. The result of a unique blend of 6 noble 100% Arabica origins, our coffee is exceptional and benefits from rich aroma. Whether ground or in pods, make your choice and be carried away by its tasty, subtle and fruity aroma.

A wide variety of tastes and universes

Tea and its multiple varieties are one of the most consumed products on the planet. We have deliberately chosen to limit our range in order to please the greatest number of people but also to allow you to discover unknown or forgotten flavours.

Invitations to travel, our new black and green tea tins promise you sweet moments and an immersion in the Parisian universe of Montmartre or the Louvre museum.

Available in red, green or black tins, our new assortments combine taste and voluptuousness, all presented in elegant tins decorated with finesse and proper taste. A synonym for a pause in the day, a tea or coffee break can also combine pleasure and relaxation. Get blown away by the sweetness of green tea or escape with mint tea. We have also though of those who prefer infusions with the “Belle Époque” infusion bag.

A gift for yourself

We know that making a choice could be a headache if you’re unsure on which variety to choose. That’s why we’ve created a tasting box and its 30 tea bags of assorted teas. Presented in the form of a grimoire reminiscent of the marshmallow box from our chocolate universe, the tasting box will allow you to choose the tea that suits you best and will leave your guests a wide choice for your hot drinks.

For the most gourmet among you for whom coffee and tea are not compatible, we have created the chocolate powder box. A gourmet moment par excellence associated with an autumn snack, this elegant sachet awaits you for a warm comforting moment. Who hasn’t thought of a hot chocolate when it’s snack time and the leaves are piling up in the garden.

For those of you in a hurry, our coffee is also available in the form of pods which are very popular in the office or at home. Maxim’s also rhymes with modernity.