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Find the best of French terroir in the heart of our savoury collection

Because each moment of tasting must be a real pleasure, we thought and developed delectable recipes in order to offer you authentic terroir products. Gourmet terrine with espelette pepper, country terrine with truffle juice or duck terrine with figs flavoured with Loupiac: many other recipes inspired by the most beautiful flavours of our regions are waiting for you! Treat yourself to a journey in the heart of taste with our savoury specialities: “petits-beurres aperitif” -salted butter biscuits- comté hazelnuts or tomato and espelette chilli pepper, black olive tapenade or dried tomato delight will thrill your taste buds.

A source of pleasure

Also find our gourmet-gift ready to offer in any occasion. Boxed block of duck foie gras and its figs chutney or our discovery box offering an assortment of 4 terrines with very generous recipes. Make the choice of authentic and gourmet products, discover without further delay, our variety of terrines, “petits-beurres” and other savoury specialities.

Going from discovery to discovery

Get off the beaten tracks and explore new tastes with our savoury specialities. Foie gras is a must, but it would be a shame not to dare new taste experiences.

Duck rillettes with red bell pepper, poultry terrine or country terrine with truffle juice, find simple products marked in tastes that will awaken all your senses.

From a texture to another, discover rillettes, terrines or tapenade. All these products will complement your gastronomic collection and will be the perfect accompaniment to your aperitifs.

Travel around France and its region thanks to Maxim’s. Be tempted with a Loupiac perfumed terrine, then go all the way until Espelette and its famous peppers that will awaken your taste buds.

Compose your gourmet itinerary

All these fine and affordable products allow the creation of your own flavours assortment for your aperitif dinner. A warm-up before the foie gras and its delicate French white wine, multiply creations and surprises for your guests. Discover our gourmet creations and their associations that you wouldn’t have thought of with our gourmet-baskets specially designed to surprise you.

The quality of the presentations allows you to quickly and simply organize an unexpected aperitif, the elegant Maxim’s tins combine simplicity and good taste. Favour the assortment of 4 terrines to quickly have a range of flavours at your disposal without forgetting the essential fig chutney and onion confit, ideal partners for your foie gras tastings. Consider the small salted butter biscuits with comté & hazelnuts or tomato & espelette pepper which will easily complete your selection of spreads and bring a well-deserved touch of crunchiness.

In elegant shopping cases, these “petits-beurres” marked with the famous restaurant’s logo can easily be combined with terrines and savoury specialities.