In order to guarantee complete protection of the bank data entered during your online purchase, we chose the CIC secured payment service. You can therefore be sure that during your transaction, the whole payment phase will be processed between you and the CIC.
During the credit card payment operation, you will be temporarily transferred to the online CIC secured payment page.
You will therefore have the guarantee that:
•  Your credit card number will not be saved in our site system.
•  The CIC and your personal bank will not know the detailed list of purchased goods, since they will only be sent the global amount and the order number.
The encryption of your payment is implemented through the SSL protocol. SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is one of the most reliable secured systems on the Internet. When you are on the payment page, the SSL protocol is marked by the following items:
•  A padlock pictogram at the bottom of your browser page.
•  In the address bar of your browser, the address starts with https:// instead of http:// (the extra “s” stands for “secured”).