Foie gras

The essential of French gastronomy

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Maxim’s foie gras, a must in French gastronomy

Our goose foie gras is characterized by its delicate taste. Its flavour could be described as sweet and subtle, the texture is unctuous and the colour lighter than duck foie gras. It is for amateurs looking for a foie gras with a more neutral taste, subtler and long in the mouth. Our duck foie gras, on his side, is characterized by a terroir taste, a slightly firmer texture, and a darker colour. It is as delicate as goose foie gras but its aromas are, in general, stronger.

Our foie gras, whether goose or duck foie gras, whole or in blocks, will accompany your celebrations, aperitifs or your moments of conviviality with family and friends.

Discover now our selection of noble products rich in taste and flavour.

A timeless product for French terroir

When you say festive meal, you say foie gras. This fine product became established on every table over the years and since, its variations are numerous.

Because it is suitable for all occasions, our foie gras is presented in different forms and presentations, each one adapted to the moment you have chosen.

For a one-to-one meal, choose a suitable product, pick a small block of foie gras, this way, your appetite and enjoyment of food will remain intact. For a festive meal with several guests, choose a larger product that is perfectly suited to this gourmet moment.

Goose or duck foie gras, our large range will answer your needs and conquer the most delicate palates.

Presented in various gift-baskets and gastronomic hampers, associated to the best wines, find all the strength of the French terroir in your own home.

Because we’re always going further than just a simple selection of products, our foie gras gift-baskets and chutneys will answer your most demanding guests.

An association full of promise

The famous Maxim’s restaurant and one of the most iconic French terroir product join forces to offer you a savoury and timeless experience.

Displayed in an elegant matching box, we offer you an elegant presentation for this delicate product full of character. Indissociable from the gift-basket, you will also find this savoury delicacy in our gastronomic hampers, in harmony with the greatest grapes.