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The beginning

The story begins 30 years ago with the creation of the SAPP Maxim's company by Philippe POISSON and Christophe BROHART.

They first met a few years ago at a coffee roaster where, although they are not from the same generation, they discovered a common passion for this small bean which they consider to be what the vine is to the wine: a subtle treasure of flavours and aromas.

Convinced that the coffee offer isn't top-of-the-range enough, and wishing to set up their own small business, they approached a French roaster with traditional know-how in order to develop a unique blend of 6 Pure Arabica origins an elaborate an exceptional coffee.

More than just a coffee, they're willing to share a real moment of delight by associating their values to the Maxim's brand, iconic place of the French gastronomy which appeared like an evidence for a unique and initiatory gourmet journey.

Given the success of the first sales, the demand is flooding in for other products. A range of teas and hot chocolate quickly followed, but the development of a range of chocolate and biscuits boosted the growth in France and aborad.

Maxim's gourmet products history just started!


1st partnership with an ESAT

Because offering or treating oneself to a Maxim's product is the guarantee of tasting a high quality product with a meticulous presentation, SAPP decided that year to entrust the assembly and packaging of its products to "ESATs". Meticulousness and concern for quality are the keywords of a partnership that has now lasted for more than 25 years with several "ESATs" in Normandy.

Being part of a social approach then becomes a real will for the company, thus privileging the constant search for quality and attention to detail, at the antipodes of an anonymous and standardized production.


Passing the 5 million mark

10 years have passed and more than a hundred new products elaborated hand in hand with French producers and craftsmen have been created.

Behind each design, each novelty, the convictions remain the same: to be surprising, tempting and seductive by making everyone eager to discover or rediscover the most beautiful classics of the delicatessen.

Maxim's then established itself as an indisputable player in Parisian gastronomy through the quality of its recipes and the originality of its packaging, every year more innovative and attractive.


Distribution on every continent and in more than 50 countries

It's no secret that French gastronomy enjoys a worldwide reputation, but it's not everyone's cup of tea to become its symbol.

Exporting now to all 5 continents, SAPP has grown well. Through trade fairs around the world to promote the brand and by developing products adapted to local markets, SAPP has managed to establish itself as one of the flag bearers of the chic and festive "Made in France".


A new warehouse at an hour drive from Paris

Settled on the outskirts of Rouen, in Normandy, SAPP has built a modern 2500 m² warehouse to accompany its growth by processing orders more efficiently in order to offer an ever more adapted and reactive customer service.


A fresh start

This year closes one chapter in the history but is the beginning of a whole new adventure!

With the retirement of Philippe POISSON, his son with the predestined first name, Maxime, who had already joined the company a few years ago as Sales Director, joins Christophe BROHART to form a new killer team to continue the adventure.

2015 - 2016

Physical stores opening in Paris

It is in the prestigious setting of the Carrousel of the Louvre in Paris that the first official Maxim's shop opens. Combining tradition and modernity, it is a living symbol of the exuberance and the fantasy of the Roaring Twenties, a playful, festive and warm boutique, where delicatessen rhymes with pleasure.

Surfing on the success of the first store, a second one was opened the following year in the heart of one of the most emblematic and charming areas of Parisian life: Montmartre village.

A shop just as refined but more discreet, banking on the sobriety and elegance characteristic of the area.


Introduction of quality labels

The search for the highest quality has always been at the centre of our concerns and we are keen to inform our consumers about this.

The labels, which are present on each of our products, are the guarantee of a 100% French manufacture and the assurance of tasting an exceptional chocolate, pure cocoa butter and palm oil free.

We also work actively with our craftsmen on the origin of our raw materials. Hazelnuts from French orchards or cocoa beans from UTZ* certified plantations are examples of the care taken in the search for products offering the best organoleptic qualities.

*UTZ is a sustainability certification program for coffee or cocoa.


More than ever at your service !

"Enthusiasm is the basis of all progress" - Henry Ford.

SAPP is the result of the work of 30 passionate people at your service, an independent, creative and civic-minded SME, sharing strong values of excellence, innovation and conviviality.

Through a selection of its best products on line, our teams are proud to offer you the opportunity to access the best of fine food and delicatessen.

Welcome at Maxim's !

Create in 1990

Location: Saint-Jean du Cardonnay (76)

Number of employees: 30

2 stores in Paris, at the Carrousel du Louvre and in Montmartre

More than 250 delicatessen products and gift boxes

More than 50,000 boxes sold each year

Present in more than 50 countries