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Maxim’s chocolate squares: Chic, classic, gourmet

Set off on a journey to the land of gourmet delights and let yourself be surprised, for a moment, by the power and melt-in-the-mouth texture of our Maxim’s chocolate squares. From the darkest chocolate, to white chocolate delicately spiced with lemon chips or milk chocolate enriched with caramel chips; as many choices as there are flavours that will brighten up your moments of pleasure. In elegant metal pencils, or assorted in pretty cases, these Neapolitan classic, embellished with new recipes and enhanced with crunchy inclusions, are the perfect companions for a cup of Maxim’s coffee.

The individual or Neapolitan chocolate squares are individually wrapped in colourful, Maxim’s branded boxes. Presented in several ways, these sweet little treats will accompany you everywhere and at any time of the day.

chocolate squares maxims paris

The Maxim’s chocolate bar: New recipes

Maxim’s revisits the chocolate bar with new and gourmet recipes that will surprise you with their originality and subtlety. Discover without further delay, our chocolate bars sprinkled with delicious inclusions and filled with a melting and generous heart. To be crunched and savoured without moderation.

We go further than the recipe, the bars are pre-cut to present in the best possible way its delicious squares of chocolate. Available in dark chocolate mint, caramelised white chocolate or Gianduja milk chocolate, let yourself be carried away by these gourmet invitations.

Gourmet cups & mugs, all set for a sweet moment

We spend a lot of time on the search for relevant gourmet products and associations.

We have therefore developed two products for you: gourmet cups & gourmet mugs.

The gourmet cups come in an assortment of 4 colourful and carefully decorated cups. Each cup is accompanied by 4 individual chocolate squares that you can find alone in their discovery case.

4 cups, 4 colours, 4 chocolate recipes and four SEM designs, all in a beautiful red Maxim’s case to plunge you into the world of the famous restaurant.

As for the gourmet mugs, cousins not so far from the cups, decorated with the Maxim’s label and accompanied this time by crunchy lace pancakes with dark or milk chocolate. Available in red or black, these mugs plunge you into the world of Parisian restaurants.

A complete and adapted collection

Three recipes of chocolate bars, assortments of 4, 8, 12, 36 or 48 squares, we have decided to offer delicacies at all levels. Cardboard case, metal box or pencil box, one thing in common, quality and delicacy. All the products are elaborated in France and manufactured with care.

You’ve crunched the last square? The boxes can easily be reused for any other use including the pencil box. That’s also the Maxim’s spirit: offering fine and delicate products in a case, reusable in multiple ways.