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Maxim’s Crunchy Treats

Maxim’s chocolates are available in an infinite number of variations to offer you new horizons of gourmet’s pleasures. In pretty tins or trendy shopping boxes, the merger of Maxim’s confectionery and chocolate will leave you breathless. With their elegant and refined presentation in an Art-Nouveau inspired décor, Maxim’s chocolate delicacies will seduce you with their generosity and unique recipes! Candied oranges, almonds, an assortment of chocolate-coated fruits and so many other delicacies each one more delicious than the last, await you!

Chocolate on all floors

We are all familiar with chocolate presented in gourmet assortments, but we wanted to go further and offer unique taste experiences. Here, you’ll find pure cocoa butter French truffles. Gourmet product par excellence that inspired many, find Maxim’s truffles there. What can we say about Les Chocolats Desserts, except that the originality of these products is matched only by their taste. Dark or milk chocolate, tiramisu or crême brûlée, rediscover the flavour of these timeless recipes combined with the generosity of our chocolate.

Chocolate at its best

Heart-shaped box or case inspired by an old grimoire, we have completed in creativity to offer you pretty boxes containing delicious creations. Chocolate almonds, orangettes variant with chocolatey candied oranges, coated marshmallows or tiramisu flavour, there is something for everyone. We think that each box is a gift, that’s why so much effort is put into our Maxim’s scratched cases that bear the colours of the famous restaurant. Original and reusable the boxes of chocolate sweets are an integral part of the product. A real decoration under your tree, your table or in the garden for Easter, elegance and taste can be read on the box and continue on the palate.

Coloured and various assortments

Egg tin filled with chocolate sweets, heart tin, Eiffel tower are all original versions of attractive and surprising products. Declined for the majority in a mini version which will be able to find its place in your table decoration or in the handbag of these ladies, our products are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. How not to talk about the rochers, a full-fledged product in our gourmet range, the chocolate rochers are available in classic or mini formats within pretty presentations.

Finally, the caviar-like chocolate pearls show all the creativity we display in offering a wide variety of products. Some of these products will be dressed in the colours of the festive season to offer, once again, an unforgettable tasting experience.