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Within a few years, macarons became the not to be missed French pastry. The small round delicacy distinguished itself thanks to it sublime savors which ally crispiness and softness. You cannot consider going to Paris without succumbing to the temptation of enjoying the real French macaron.


The traditional macaron is a small round and soft cake, made from almond paste, egg white and sugar, which can be perfumed and aromatized in many ways. It is this classic and authentic recipe we have chosen to develop at Maxim’s de Paris.


Our Carrousel du Louvre and Montmartre shops are the ideal places to discover these crazy macarons on their gourmet display. Our recipes will make you discover the exceptional flavors of our Sambiraja chocolate, the intense fruit taste of our Raspberry and Blueberry or the generous and powerful savour of our caramel and pistachio..

Our Recipes

From Dijon blackcurrant to cocoa from Madagascar 82%, via the Marron d'Ardèche, Maxim's offers a rich selection of some fifteen flavours that change with the seasons.




Passion Fruit


Dijon Blackcurrant

Salted Butter Caramel




Rose - Grapefruit

Blood Orange

Dark Chocolate


Raspberry / Mulberry

The Signature Macaron: The Napoleon


Through this beautiful and exclusive recipe, Maxim's revisits the strawberry Napoleon Millefeuille, the restaurant's iconic pastry.

You will be seduced by its exquisite flavours, where the freshness of strawberry blends with notes of a thousand leaves and vanilla to transport you to the land of a thousand and one flavours.


Maxim's Know How

- 1 -

Raw materials chosen with the greatest care with natural and seasonal products: Fruit purée, intense chocolate ganache...

- 2 -

Hulls made on a base of Italian meringue

- 3 -

An artisanal mastery: From dosing to cooking, each macaroon is the result of a professional and mastered gesture.

What our customers think of our macarons:

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Romana L.

Their macarons were unbelievable!"


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Timothy H.

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