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Share our universe with Maxim’s dishes and accessories

Discover our « Belle-Époque » dishes and accessories collection, stamped Maxim’s or illustrated by SEM, the legendary cartoonist of the restaurant menu. Corks, flutes, champagne bucket or sommelier’s knife are perfect accessories to accompany your most legendary parties.

The art of the table at home

SEM illustrations are used and declined on our products so why not create an exclusive range of tableware to highlight them even more? Cake dish, mug and pin trays are some of the tableware available on our online shop. Plunge into the universe of the restaurant thanks to our champagne flutes. They’re just waiting for the opening of a magnum champagne bottle to sublimate itself. Meticulous reproduction of SEM’s designs, quality of the material, Maxim’s tableware is also an original gift idea that you may not have thought of.

Small gift in any occasion

Willing to surprise and be original, choose one of our Maxim’s accessory. Small and very practical, the key ring or the hermetic champagne stopper will quickly find their place in your home. Two declensions of the champagne bucket are available. One of them is made of a vibrant red metal, just waiting for some ice and brut champagne for action.

Dare to display Maxim’s during your purchases with the red and black shopping bags, elegant and chic, that will come to receive our delicatessen products and to be used in any occasion.

Chic & Refined Decoration

The accessories are decorated and adorned with SEM drawings, collect all of them, display them and use them. Made of high-quality raw materials, these accessories are timeless and adapted to a daily use. Wonder with the scented candle with a fondant chocolate flavour, the scent of our sweet delicacies will spread to your home, so go for a gourmet moment.