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“For Wine Lovers” Gift-Baskets, an exceptional gift

Chablis, Chardonnay or Saint-Émilion, Maxim’s has selected for you, wines from the best grapes varieties. Tannic red, soft white or rosé – the choice is important and is based on rigorous selection criteria. Maxim’s offer more than ten different wines in order to satisfy this French emblematic nectar lovers.

Take your taste buds on a journey with our wine, French know-how symbol.

Maxim’s offers you combinations of wines and products that will make your taste buds wriggle. Come and discover our original associations in elegant boxes with the brand’s colours, it’s time to go beyond the classic foie gras associated with sweet white wine. Do not hesitate anymore between an aperitif and a picnic, be tempted by our sweet white wine alongside its comté-hazelnuts crackers. Dive into the abundant boxes mixing terrines with traditional recipes accompanied by a bottle of Chardonnay or try the experience of the boxed set combining red Bordeaux and chocolate delicacies.

What about a gift-box gathering sweet white wine, red Bordeaux, savoury terrines and gourmet sweet delicacies? Well, Maxim’s did it for you.

A selection of quality wines to taste

Maxim’s wines are carefully selected to insure the best tasting experience and match all your needs. Crafted by quality-oriented winemakers you will find a wide range of wines from the best grapes: Chardonnay, Chablis, Saint-Émilion, Merlot, Bourgogne or the Saint-Tropez rosé. Wine gift-boxes purpose is to offer an authentic experience between finesse and voluptuousness, originality and tradition. Displayed in metal boxes, cardboard or transparent cases, our wines are adorned with their most beautiful case to please both you and your receiver.

Wine-Oriented Gift-Baskets

The wine boxes are presented in several forms, from the metal bottle case and its terrines to the Aperichic, the transparent pouch and its half bottle. Wine is also accompanied by delicious products for a unique experience.

Make our wine gift-basket complete with the essential accessory: The Maxim’s Sommelier Knife.

Our selection wines come from Maxim’s cellar and are available on our online shop. In order to meet the requirements of taste and presentation qualities, we have mobilised all our know-how to make attractive and interesting products.

For wine lovers gift-baskets are made with care and multiple precautions. Maxim’s quality is present at all stages of the manufacturing process to make your experience ever more interesting. The wine is surrounded by carefully chosen and selected products: it is not a simple blend of delicatessen products.

Give in to the temptation of original associations like red wine and dark chocolate, Chardonnay & espelette pepper terrines. If your only wish is to taste this sweet French nectar, do not hesitate to visit our dedicated cellar on our online shop. You will be able to find all the products contained in these gift-baskets as individual products to extend your discovery of our delicatessen world.