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Leave a great impression with Maxim’s Accessories

Dishes, accessories and perfumes are the little extras to fully live the Maxim’s spirit and accompany our best specialities. A lot of accessories are waiting for you such as the corks, flutes, champagne buckets, sommelier’s knife and many others to use or to collect. Bring a touch of originality to your relaxation moments with our Maxim’s scented candle: a fondant chocolate scent sprinkled with a slight touch of Vanilla. This one will make you melt with pleasure.

Our SEM decorated dishes such as the porcelain cake tin, the mugs or the cups will take you back to the heart if the Belle-Époque.

Maxim’s refinement for tableware

The art of the table, even if it’s not our core profession, has become unavoidable. We think that Maxim’s experience should begin before tasting and last until after the party. This is why we have declined many products in this field as Maxim’s version. Kitchenware, decoration or atmosphere, we have selected for you some essentials for a successful dinner. Champagne bucket, flutes, pin tray, mugs, all those little products will remind you of Maxim’s as soon as you look at them. Once again, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality for the price, that’s why we designed high-end products stamped Maxim’s. Short on original gift ideas? Take a look at our key rings, cake dish, champagne flutes and complete your Maxim’s table decoration.

Scents delicacy

Taste is important and a major challenge but we shouldn’t forget about the scents already present in our products. So, we have come up with a chocolate scented candle to stimulate your taste buds or relax you. Maxim’s iconic perfumes, known and recognized for both women and men, are also a good gift alternative if you are out of ideas. Moreover, some of them are only available on our online store.

Decoration? Yes, but not only!

Our accessory range also includes gourmet cups and mini-mugs. Displayed with delicate chocolates and crunchy lace crepes, these beautiful assortments will undoubtedly find a place of choice in your home.

Indispensable for the good tasting of Maxim’s coffee, the cups or mini-mugs and their sweet delicacies will perfectly accompany your coffee-breaks.

The fragility of these products goes hand in hand with their quality. This is why we make every effort to insure packaging and transport. Protections are adapted and you can order without fear the champagne flutes for instance or any other fragile product.