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Authentic flavours, unmatched pleasure

Made from carefully selected fruits according to strict criteria of freshness, ripeness and flavour, our jams, guaranteed without the addition of preservatives, are prepared in Lot-et-Garonne -in the heart of one of the most beautiful orchards in France- following a principle of low-temperature vacuum cooking to preserve the richness of their natural flavour and sublimate their texture and taste.

Without further ado, taste the best of the fruit through very tasty recipes: Morello cherry preserve, Apple and Caramel delight, Pear Macaroon or Strawberry Marshmallow delight…

Delicious preparations to be eaten as they come or to garnish a dessert. Also succumb to the temptation of our gourmet creams, chocolate or chestnut cream, which will delight young and old at breakfast, for dessert or simply for a little gourmet break.

The fruit sweetness, the originality in addition.

We all know strawberry, blackberry and raspberry jams. That’s why Maxim’s go further in the search for flavours. We have selected for you the best gourmet associations to offer you unique products stamped Maxim’s.

How about a strawberry-mallow combination, highly original and packed in an elegant jar, in the colours of the famous restaurant? Dare these flavours.

If you want to go further, let yourself be convinced by the delicious apple-caramel jam, inspired by the “Tarte-Tatin” dessert -an apple pie in which apples are caramelised in butter and sugar before the tart is baked- a true tribute to the famous recipe. Plunge into the sweetness of this inimitable dessert.

If you are looking for more classicism, choose the blueberry jam or the Morello cherry, a characterful choice for your breakfasts or family snacks.

For successful breakfasts, don’t hesitate any longer and opt for the assortment of mini jars of jams, nicely presented in a Maxim’s box.

Originality serving taste

More into chocolate and chestnuts than preserves? We have selected and adapted fine products for you.

The milk chocolate cream, loved by young and old alike, enjoy a fine and tasty product at the best moments of the day.

Original and revered by some, the chestnut cream and its strong taste can also accompany your snacks. What’s common between these two products? Delicacy and careful presentation in elegant hexagonal-shaped glass jars.

A collection of sweet flavours

Our selection of jams and creams can easily become a real collection of products to let you choose between all these flavours. Uniform presentation, coloured according to the content, the jars of jams aligned can even come to decorate your kitchen, no need to open the cupboards, Maxim’s jams is a decoration in its own right. Keep them on hand.

As for the assortment of mini-jams, take advantage of a gourmet breakfast to present them, a guaranteed success for all ages but beware, first come, first served.