The Maxim's quality

Impeccable quality, original recipes

The expertise of Maxim’s is characterized by a very strict selection of the best products and the finest ingredients, which guarantees amateurs of fine products the level of excellence they are entitled to expect. Recipes for each product are designed with extreme care in order to combine savour quality, flavour originality and taste standard: we are dedicated to offering you an incomparable experience, an invitation to indulge in the delight of tastes, again and again.

Our assortment is an original combination of great classics of delicatessen food and original, exclusive products. Throughout our Website, you will discover a large number of chocolate assortments, our champagnes, our foie gras, as well as fun specialties such as our chocolate pearls and our brand new Parisian specialties. Champagne lovers will also appreciate our traditional vintage, but will also consider a more fanciful option, with our Années Folles (Roaring Twenties) vintage and its red covering…So Maxim’s! You should also try our foie gras soufflés or one our surprising flavour marmalades (apricot nougat, rose-flavoured strawberry or speculoos rhubarb).
Our main goal is to let you discover or rediscover the delights of French specialties, as well as to surprise and amaze you with every page of our Website. Bon voyage!

Appealing presentations

Even though the content is essential, packaging is also extremely important. Elegant, harmonious shapes, totally new boxes especially designed for genuine amateurs of fine products: in order for the unveiling moment to feel even better, gourmet products should first display extreme seduction. We are constantly looking for the right size, the right presentation, original yet appealing lines that provide visual delight before taste delight comes.

Our ambition is to create a kind of jewel case setting in line with the delights it contains, a beautiful object you will want to keep, even after enjoying its content.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We put the same passion and delight in designing each and every product. All Maxim’s products have been strictly selected in order to provide you with the best of delicatessen and we incessantly work to improve, enhance and perfect each item of our range.

What makes us happy is to find ways to make you happy. In case one of our products was not entirely satisfactory, we undertake to immediately replace it.
We will now leave it to you to browse our online selection of products and we are confident that you will soon be appealed by some shape, some colour or the promise of a subtle flavour. Please feel free to give us your feedback and opinions: thanks to our customers, we can grow better.