Your personalized gift

from custom-made to delivery

Art of customization:

Specialized in the art of Corporate Gifts, our team is committed to your projects. From the choice of the box to our selection of 100% Made In France delicacies, more than a hundred combinations are possible to make your own custom gift box and be sure to please!

Add to this the possibility of adding your logo on one of our sleeves, include a greeting card with your personalized message, have your gourmet boxes delivered in one of our wonderful Maxim's stamped "shopping bag" while taking advantage of a myriad of delivery options to meet your expectations: the assurance of a top-of-the-range gift, at an affordable price, that will delight them all.

Whatever your budget, we will always be able to offer you a gourmet and generous box that best meets your expectations.On Maxim's shop website, nearly one in two professional customers choose to offer a personalized Maxim's gift, so don't wait any longer and ask for your quote online!

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how does it work?

1. Choose your theme !

Whether you like chocolates, biscuits or other sweet delicacies, whether you prefer a combination of wines and savoury dishes, you will have a choice of more than 200 specialities from the best French producers and craftsmen to create your personalized gift basket.

Sweet - Corporate Gift - Maxim's shop
Savoury - Corporate Gift - Maxim's shop
Mixed - Corporate Gift - Maxim's shop

To give you some sources of inspiration, we have already put together a rich selection of gourmet baskets from our Corporate Gifts catalogue

 2. Choose your box !

A true gastronomic exploration through elegant and harmonious boxes, our boxes are the promise of an unforgettable gift. You will enjoy keeping a beautiful object long after you have enjoyed its contents.

Hat box

Our team of "Gifts" experts has selected about fifteen different containers for you!

  3. A Gift to your image !

Create with our services a gift with your image. Discover several customization options with the insertion of your logo, a free personalized message for your lucky recipient, but also a Maxim's bag from Paris to offer your gift in person!

Your logo
Personalized message
Your shopping bag

Do not hesitate any longer and opt for the gift that will make the difference with your loved ones.


The delivery that suits you

We offer several delivery services: whether it is individual, multi-recipient, grouped, in France or abroad, we will be able to respond to your request as well as possible.

Grouped delivery

Your entire order is delivered to the same address (15€ excl tax.).

 For any order over 600€ excl tax., we will be pleased to offer you the shipping and preparation costs.

Custom delivery

You provide us with the list of your recipients (via an excel file) to whom you would like each box to be delivered..

We submit to you within 48 hours a personalized quote and guaranteed delivery times depending on the number of deliveries and the type of recipient (company or private individual).