• Les tasses gourmandes

"Tasses Gourmandes" 4 Cups + 16 Chocolate Squares

The perfect gift for any occasion and the coffee (or tea!) break according to Maxim’s: 4 gourmet cups, each filled with 4 Maxim’s Chocolate squares.

Adorned with famous SEM illustrations, designer of the Parisian restaurant menu.

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The Ideal Coffee Set

You must fall in love with this very special coffee set. These mugs will take you on a journey into the « Art Nouveau » era. Dressed up with marvellous SEM’s dancers’ illustrations, this set is always an excellent gift for a couple, in any circumstances

It is a treat hiding various surprises. Indeed, in this beautiful gift-pack you will discover 4 mugs that come along with 16 chocolate squares.

Each can have fun reinventing coffee break with this gift-pack.

A black coffee with dark chocolate squares with cocoa beans or white chocolate squares with lemon nuggets is really worth a go. As well as a proper rounded coffee will do with milk and caramel chocolate squares or milk chocolate square with praline nuggets.

If you want to offer an original gift for a soft price, this cups gift-pack will suit your desires.

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17 cms
4,5 cms
16,5 cms
2,82 oz
Serving size 100 g :

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