Cardbox 18 lace crêpes - Dark chocolate
  • Cardbox 18 lace crêpes - Dark chocolate
  • Lace crêpes

Cardbox 18 lace crêpes - Dark chocolate

In each dark chocolate lace crepes cardbox : 

18 Lace Crepes coated with dark chocolate.

Enjoy this number one French treat alongside your coffee or tea.

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Delicious dark chocolate lace crepes

Meet a great Maxim's classic. Maxim's lace crepes are real stars, for 20 years, they have been the flagship product of our online delicatessen.

Eating a Maxim's lace crepe is the assurance of a quality and gourmet product. The lace crepes recipe is a well-kept secret! They are made in Brittany in the best tradition. You will discover a fine and light product once in your mouth. The exquisite combination of a delicate lace biscuit with a thin layer of pure cocoa butter dark chocolate will bring you pure happiness. Indulge yourself in all circumstances with Maxim's laces. To accompany your tea or coffee break, there is nothing better than this delicious delicacy!

These treats are displayed in a very nice box decorated with famous Frenc caricaturist SEM design.

Also discover our lace crepes coated with milk chocolate for a sweet pleasure or enjoy them within an ever more gourmet box : our discovery assortment of 35 chocolate specialties. 

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