Discovery Assortment of chocolate specialties (35pcs)
  • Discovery Assortment of chocolate specialties (35pcs)
  • Discovery Assortment of chocolate specialties
  • Chocolate nougats
  • Lace crepes
  • Cocoa beans

Discovery Assortment of chocolate specialties (35pcs)

Find the best Maxim's specialities, in an elegant box, an assortment of individually wrapped chocolates :

  • 7 fine lace crepes coated with dark chocolate
  • 7 fine lace crepes coated with milk chocolate
  • 5 melting nougats covered with milk chocolate
  • 8 squares of dark chocolate with cocoa bean chips
  • 8 squares of praline milk chocolate
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A box of chocolates for cocoa lovers

Lovers of exceptional chocolates will be seduced by this sublime assortment of chocolates. Find the best of Maxim's chocolate specialities. Discover the intensity of our delicious dark chocolate squares with cocoa bean chips, an authentic chocolate pleasure. Contrast the intensity of these dark chocolate squares with the sweetness and smoothness that characterizes our milk chocolate squares with praline chips. They will go well with your coffee for a moment of sweetness.

You will discover with our lace crepes, smoothness and lightness to accompany all your moments of pleasure. A Breton recipe and an always well kept know-how. Coated with fine milk or dark chocolate, our lace crepes will be the lightest pleasure of your gourmet snacks.

Finally, our melting nougats coated with chocolate, confectionnery of yesteryear, will bring you back to childhood by their tenderness and their inimitable taste.

Our subime assortment of chocolates is presented in a beautiful Maxim's coloured case. Discover the characters of SEM or the most beautiful and iconic monuments of Paris.

This discovery chocolate box will be ideal for lovers of a fine and unique chocolate.

Discover also our lace crepes cases to prolong the sweetness, whether you are a dark chocolate or milk chocolate lover, there will be enough for everyone.

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