Father's Day

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Discovering the mysteries of chocolate

In our selection of boxes, you will discover real chocolate treasures, milk chocolate, praline, dark chocolate, gianduja, that many precious treats based around lace crepes chips to delight the palates of the most gourmet.

Share a moment of sweetness for Father's Day around Maxim's sweets.

The conquest of savoury pleasures

For more adventurous dads, offer a tour de France des saveurs:

Through the savoury dishes that have made the glory of our regions and French gastronomy: Maxim's is proud to offer you a selection of champagnes, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs or Rosé, Bordeaux wines, whites or rosés as well as a wide variety of terrines, characterized by unique recipes, or our tasty duck and goose foie gras.

Quickly discover the value of our terroirs thanks to our savoury boxes.

Make a stopover in the wonderful world of gourmet food.

Enjoy this special moment with your loved ones by savouring a multitude of sweet and savoury pleasures. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of chocolate, the sweetness of biscuits or the delicacy of our terrines.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make Father's Day a family celebration.